Advantages Of Dedicated Development Teams That You Should Know

New-age entrepreneurs running tech companies in Mumbai and the rest of India never
fail to hire dedicated development teams.
The reason is simple –
Running a tech company is a challenging endeavor and companies that offer dedicated
development teams can help tech company CEOs ease some of the burden from their
This post, in the following sections, will shed light on a few advantages that tech
company CEOs can enjoy when they hire dedicated development teams in Mumbai.
Before that, it is time to understand what a dedicated development team means –
A dedicated development team consists of –
 Software developers
 Project Managers
 DevOps experts
 QA experts
 UX/UI designers and
 Testers.
A dedicated development team can be put together by a tech company but most of the
time, CEOs of reputed tech companies choose to hire dedicated development teams in
Mumbai from reputed companies.
The advantages of hiring a dedicated development team are many. Some of them are
mentioned in the sections below –
Dedicated development teams can help tech companies save a lot of money
CEOs of medium, small and large tech companies prefer hiring a remote dedicated
development team in Mumbai as it is a cost-efficient decision
Recruiting and retaining a development team is a time-intensive exercise. Furthermore,
keeping the development team under one’s payroll is an expensive affair. On top of this,
CEOs of tech companies would also need to invest in state-of-the-art development
infrastructure and bigger office space. When one puts all of these expenses together,
one will be looking at a huge capital expense.
When a tech company CEO doesn’t want to spend a boatload of money, they should
contact a reputed company that offers dedicated development teams in Mumbai at
reasonable rates. It cannot be simpler than this!
Dedicated development teams are highly flexible and adaptable

It is to be remembered that a dedicated development team is a service that is offered
by IT solutions providers. Hence, CEOs of tech companies can replace any member of
the team they have hired if they feel that a certain member is unable to deliver
satisfactory results.
Furthermore, CEOs of tech companies can either choose to manage the dedicated
development team as an extension of their workforce. Or, they can ask their provider
of dedicated development team to assign a team leader who will manage the
development team on behalf of the tech company’s CEO.
Another benefit of hiring a dedicated development team from a company that offers
dedicated development services in Mumbai is that tech company CEOs will have full
control over the selection of members for the development team.
Dedicated development teams can shorten delivery times of projects by many folds
Dedicated development team services can help tech company CEOs to reduce the
turnaround time of development projects by many folds.
The reason is simple –
Providers of dedicated development teams train their workforce to be proficient in
both Agile and Scrum development methodologies and it is no news that these
methodologies are powerful tools when it comes to shortening the turnaround times of
a development project.
Shorter turnaround times equal more profits and an assured boost to a tech company’s
overall business image.
Get the idea!?
Dedicated development teams can help small, medium and large scale tech companies
in several ways. The trick lies in the fact that CEOs of tech companies choose to partner
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