All you need to know about data analytics

Data analytics is a critical aspect of running a business these days. Whether an
entrepreneur is running a tech company, an e-commerce firm or an online library, they
would need to make sure that all the business-critical data that their venture generates
every hour is being analysed with due diligence.
What is data analytics?
According to the CEO of one of the top data analytics companies in Mumbai that is
renowned for quality-assured and reasonably priced data analytics services, data
analytics is nothing more than a fancy term for studying data generated by an
enterprise and its customers.
Why is data analytics important?
According to data analytics experts associated with a revered data analytics
company in Mumbai, data analytics helps enterprises to predict and understand client
behavior by analyzing online patterns.
Data analytics is synonymous with business intelligence that ultimately boosts the
problem-solving capabilities of an enterprise. Entrepreneurs who rely on data analytics
can also future-proof their enterprise by setting business continuity plans for
unforeseen but probable future crises.
All data collected will be segregated and then the data points that would help to
progress an enterprise will be analysed and implemented by altering services offered or
by altering the overall business policy of the enterprise in question.
Data analytics also helps enterprises associated with the fabrication and sales of
products to come up with new product ideas and develop prototypes that can be
showcased in events to lure new customers or investors.
What are some real-world examples of data analysis?
Business-critical data can be extracted from the sleep patterns of clients who use
smartwatches. The data collected can then be used by the smartwatch brand to fine-
tune the OS of their smartwatch range that would offer UI elements and features for the
end-user based on their sleeping habits.
For example, if a person is a night owl then the smartwatch they use would come with
features that would help them fall fast asleep. On the other hand, if the user has a
regular sleep pattern then their smartwatch can be fine-tuned to complement early
morning activities with the help of native apps like calorie meters, steps counter, etc.
How data analytics can help an enterprise reach the pinnacle of success?

There are many benefits in store for enterprises that rely on data analytics. Three of the
most important benefits of data analytics are as follows –
It helps in mitigating bounce rates
Data analytics experts in Mumbai associated with revered companies that offer data
analytics services are often contacted by enterprise managers who want to lower the
bounce rates of their brand’s official websites.
Data analysis of a brand’s official website will reveal what exactly is wrong with the
website that is driving customers away before they make a business transaction.
Data analytics helps business managers learn market demographics
Data analytics also helps enterprise managers to learn the demographics of market
segments that they are planning to enter.
For example, if a brand that makes watches exclusively for men, wants to start offering
watches for women, can analyse user data to learn what women at present want from
their wristwatch.
Data analytics and conversion rates go hand in hand!
Companies that offer data analytics services in Mumbai also serve the interests of
enterprise managers who want to increase lead conversion rates by analysing
engagement data of online marketing campaigns.
It also helps enterprise managers to weed out online marketing campaigns that are not
performing as they should thus helping one to reduce the wastage of valuable business
Data analytics can help enterprises reach the peak of success in no time. The trick is to
ensure that one is taking help from a revered provider of data analytics services in
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