How Much Does A Website Cost?

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“How much does a website cost?” This is the first question people ask when it comes to build a website. This question does not have any specific answer as it depends on their personal budget and goals. There are many factors which comes while deciding the final price i.e. number of pages, features, tech stack, design. 

There are some factors which is taken into consideration while deciding a website cost.

Type of website: Each and every websites are made differently. The price relies upon enormously on the form of site you are developing. An easy blog website is easy to make as compare to an ecommerce website or a business website.

Domain & Hosting: Every website needs a unique domain it’s like an address. Hosting server is like storage where you can keep your website’s images, video, podcasts or any other media files. So costing depends on how much size of storage/hosting you need.

Technology: All websites have their backend supported by some technologies like HTML or PHP. A content management system like WordPress or something else. Depending on your choice of technology, costs will vary.

Design/Development: Developing a website isn’t always pretty much obtaining the parts, additionally they want to be assembled. You have to decide the design first and then developing will be done. For this you can hire website designers and developers.

Maintenance: It is not enough to make a website it needs to be running as well that too properly without errors or bugs. So maintenance is also considered as a costing factor.

These are the basic points which needs to considered while deciding for costing to developing a website. If you are planning to make a website then Save as Web is the best web design company in Mumbai. We have a team of best magento developers and wordpress developers. And even if you want website for an online store then we have the best ecommerce website developers to make your business easy go. We provide our services to PAN India.

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