What are the Important Points to Consider in Website Designing and Developing?

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Planning for a new website for any business whether it is small or big and the website can be considered as the face of your brand in the online world. Online presence is a must to gain your customers as well as brand awareness. It is now important to have a website if you want more and more opportunities in your business. If anyone wants to grow their online business audience and business reputation then a website is the only way by which they can represent their business in this digital era.

A website should be made professionally by a professional website designer as it represents your business in the online world. The website can be design and developed with the best features from functionality to appearance that directly indicates an eye-catchy design and user- friendly website. 

The following are the important factors while creating a website from design to development.

  1. Choosing a domain: Keep a good and simple name which is related to your business as it will reflect your business online. Do not select misspelled domains and domain should be easy for customers to find.
  2. Hosting Package: Choose the best and reliable web hosting on the basis of your storage capacity of your website. 
  3. Backend Services (CMS): It is necessary to take care of the backend as well. CMS is a Content Management System. The backend of the website should be really strong to run smoothly on the front end to give a better user experience. The suggested backend for eCommerce websites is Magento, and WordPress is a customizable CMS for informational websites.
  4. Usability: The most important thing is web design which should be user friendly. Web pages should display the information clearly. A quality design should be attractive and easy to read with intuitive navigation.
  5. Short Loading Times: The website loading speed should be 3 seconds to 5 seconds not more than that, otherwise the bounce rate will be very high. Lesser the loading time higher the user experience.
  6. SEO Friendly Code:  SEO-friendly code acts as a guide for search engine bots by providing a clear picture of your website’s content. It will help to give a higher ranking in Google SERP. So, optimize your website well.
  7. Mobile-Friendly Website: Nowadays everybody has mobile phones and half of the business is generated from mobile-only. A large number of audiences are targeted through mobile phones only. So, the website should be mobile optimized.
  8. Compatibility with Multiple Browsers: There is a number of browsers available like Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Chrome, so while creating a website it should be compatible with your website. 
  9. Call-to-Action:  Keeping calls to action on the website will encourage customers to contact. You can keep a separate webpage for a call to action with the desired forms.
  10. Security: You need an SSL certificate for safe and secure browsing. As security is important because you are collecting users’ information that is highly confidential.

By keeping these points in mind you can create a professional website for your business. Find the best ecommerce website designers in Mumbai to design your website by considering the above points while design and development at Save as Web. 

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