Things To Consider While Selecting A Web Hosting Service Provider

It is not wise to choose a web hosting company based on the bandwidth they offer or the
storage limits they have per client. Choosing a web hosting company should consist of
considering quite a few important factors.
Some of the most important ones are mentioned in the sections below –
Reliable servers, high uptime scores and state-of-the-art security features are essential
It is best to research the web hosting company and make sure that the service
provider has the latest and most powerful range of servers that are paired with
broadband or optical fibre connections. The reason is simple – unstable internet
connectivity paired with base-level configuration servers would lead to poor
performing websites. If things get out of hand then the website itself can go offline
which will lead to huge monetary losses for the enterprise that hired the web hosting
company to host the former’s official website.
The ideal web hosting company will also have provisions in place to offer their clients
the latest and most advanced security features for the website the former plans on
hosting on their servers.
Why do reliable servers, uptime scores and security features matter?
Well, apart from boosting profits, enterprise managers will also benefit from increased
customer engagement, high SERP rankings, enhanced brand image and increased
website traffic.
The web hosting company should offer the option of periodic website backups
It would be unwise for an enterprise manager to subscribe to the web hosting services
offered by a web hosting company that doesn’t even have the provision of offering their
clients periodic website backups.
Why periodic website backup is an essential aspect to consider when choosing a web
hosting service provider in Mumbai or in any other location for that matter?
Cyber threats are increasing at an alarming rate with each passing year. One might think
that cybercriminals only target established enterprises but that is not the truth. Online
extortionists often target a bunch of small scale enterprises at the same time to
maximize ransom income. When the website of an SME is targeted by cybercriminals,
the fallout could be irreversible which can lead to bankruptcies and total loss of faith
from the customer and investor base.
A cyber attack can cause irreversible damage to a business website’s index.php file. At
the same time, technical issues such as server failures can lead to complete loss of
website data. To ensure business continuity, it is a winning move to subscribe to the

web hosting services of a company that offers complimentary or paid periodic website
backup features to its clients.
The web hosting company should offer email and e-commerce options
According to the opinion of the CEO of one of the best web hosting companies in
Mumbai, enterprise managers should make sure that their web hosting service
provider offers the provision of getting the company email linked to the domain name of
the business website. This will ensure that the brand manager gets constant feedback
from clients and at the same time have the means to sort out customer grievances in no
time. This will ensure that the business boosts its image among its target audience.
At the same time, in case an entrepreneur is running an enterprise that offers products
then it is best to choose a web hosting company that offers complementary/paid e-
commerce options in their web hosting packages as selling products online through e-
stores is a great way to boost business and increase conversion rates.
Another tip that can prove to be beneficial for SME managers is that one should always
choose a web hosting service provider that has been in the sector for quite a while and
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