Web Support And Maintenance Best Practices

Web applications are the part and parcel of modern businesses as they help enterprises
to remain competent in a competitive corporate environment. Furthermore, web
applications also allow organizations to keep a strong presence on the web and at the
same time, help business managers to adopt digital transformation in a seamless
In this context, it is also important to remember that web applications will only be able
to help an enterprise when the former is being subjected to periodic or regular
maintenance sessions. Business managers need to either have a dedicated web
application maintenance team in-house or they would need to partner up with a
reputed web application development company.
With that stated, it is time to take a look into some web support and maintenance best
practices that web application developers in Mumbai and the rest of India follow to
ensure web applications of enterprises remain at their peak operational efficiency –
Bug fixes should be carried out as soon as a glitch appears
According to the CEO of one of the best web development companies in Mumbai,
enterprises associated with web development services, would need to be ready to sort
out bugs in web apps as soon as they are discovered. A web app that is riddled with
glitches will not only hinder the overall performance of the app but at the same time,
tarnish the image of the enterprise that it represents on the internet by offering poor
quality user experience to the customers of the enterprise in question.
Hence, CEOs of tech companies who rely on web apps to keep a strong presence on the
internet need to make sure that their web app is being subjected to periodic usability
and accessibility tests. These tests will reveal performance and UI-related bugs that
might have gone unnoticed when the web app in question was being developed.
Regular security updates
Website developers associated with revered IT solutions providers in Mumbai never
fail to emphasize the fact that web apps need to be protected at all costs from malware
and related cyber attacks through regular security updates.
Since most, if not all, enterprises in India and the rest of the world now rely on web apps
to carry out their businesses; it is natural for web apps of this generation to be paired
with databases where business-critical information is being stored.
With regular security updates to the web apps, enterprise owners can rest assured as
their ventures will never fall prey to data breaches, instances of lost brand reputation or
lawsuits from disgruntled clients.
Periodic API updates

According to professional website developers associated with a revered web app
development company in Mumbai, APIs or better known as Application Programming
Interfaces, allows developers to complete challenging development projects with little
Furthermore, with the help of APIs, developers can also keep project development costs
under control as they won’t need to write code for custom functions from scratch. There
is a catch though! Using third-party APIs for development projects demands that
developers often update the API of a web app as soon as a new version of the same is
being released by the company that developed the same.
In this context, it is also best to keep in mind that updating old APIs requires around 12
hours of coding hence, enterprise managers need to have a strong in-house team or they
should consult with a reputed company that offers web support and maintenance
services in their vicinity, for the best results.
Fixing up web app-related issues is a time consuming process and would require a lot of
effort from a business manager. To keep things simple, CEOs of small, medium and large
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