What is the Ultimate SEO Checklist for Website Redesign?

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Redesigning a website with SEO perspective keeping in mind, will boost your SEO when it is done correctly. If we start doing SEO the very first thing we do is website changes on the basis of SEO requirements. Even if you associate or hire with the best digital marketing agency in India they will also suggest the same thing.

So here is the ultimate checklist of SEO for website redesign:

  1. Create Keywords Strategy: Keyword research is the first step when starting an SEO as it is the main targeting part on which our website is going to rank. You can find your business related keywords with respect to their monthly searches and competition. 
  2. Content Strategy: After researching the keywords try to make the content of webpages with respect to keywords. Keywords and website content should be relevant to each other.
  3. Site Structure & URL: Site URL should be simple, it does not contain any special characters and it should related to webpage. Webpages URL should be SEO friendly.
  4. 301 Redirecting: Before starting website redesigning you should create 301 page for temporary redirection as website will be under maintenance and it will throw 404 errors.
  5. Unique Meta Data: Now start with making unique meta title and description for your websites. Try to use the targeted keywords in title and description at least once.
  6. Website Speed: Website loading speed should take 3-5 seconds, not more than that otherwise it will increase your website’s Bounce Rate. Nobody likes slow website so its better to keep website speed is les.
  7. Mobile Friendly: Nowadays every website should be mobile friendly as people are more actively search on their mobile phones. For better user experience make sure your site is mobile friendly.
  8. Image Optimisation: Upload good quality of images in proper size and should be creative graphic design. Mention their title and alt attribute for better google bot crawling.
  9. 404 Page Creation: An optimised 404 page error is necessary for every website, as it can be used to help discover new pages and improve user experience.
  10. Robots and Sitemap File: Don’t forget to add robots file on the file. And at the end you should update the sitemap page on the website or add if not present.

After doing all these things add analytics code to track your website performance and business goals.  So start planning your website redesigning with the best website developers in Mumbai only at Save as Web. We are a one stop solution for all website services and digital marketing services.

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